Monday, 8 December 2014

Primary School Days

Hi! I'm Indah,

I'm 12 this year which is Primary 6. I can't wait for Secondary 1! *feel my sarcasm*. Anyways um I'm just trying to write some blogs but I do not have an idea what to write or how to start off.OK.

I'll probably just write about my primary school life!

Primary One
I met my very first friend in primary school.Her name is Syafiqoh.We've been friends since then till now.I remember.I was the first one to say hi.I also met my Kindergarten friend who is the class behind me.His name is Hilman.He is the longest friend I ever had.My teacher was Mrs Chia? Heh,I've had forgotten her.During my Primary One days,I was super stupid *chuckles* my Mathematics was horrible.There was once when I didn't know what was number bond.I got hit by my teacher for whispering to my friend about Pokemon.* p.s pokemon was a trend back then*So basically that sums up my Primary One rollercoaster ride.

This picture was took during Mini Olympics.This was actually 2010 which is Primary 2.I couldn't find any Primary One pictures.The two girls beside me were Syafiqoh (left) Shannon (right) and at the back is Danish Irfan.This is a typical mirror shot *laughs*

Primary Two isn't that interesting and so does Primary 3 and 4 so I'll skip those instead.